NFC Guide For Anfield

With the return of fans of the Premier League season, the league has seen a massive demand for tickets. As a result of the ongoing pandemic, stadiums have allowed the process of checking yourself into the stadium to enjoy the game a lot simpler.


The introduction of NFC passes allows quick and easy access to be allowed into your team’s stadium and enjoy the football. If you are unsure as to what NFC passes are or how to use your NFC passes for games - this post will serve as a comprehensive guide to Anfield’s NFC passes. But first:


What are NFC passes?


NFC stands for Near Field Communication. NFC is technology designed for stadium entry in which you will only need your phone to get in. This allows quick access that will only require you to use your phone to scan into the stadium.


Liverpool Football Club has been working on NFC since 2018 alongside Google, Apple and Fortress. In 2019 the club started to introduce NFC into their hospitality with the intention to gradually implement it area by are in general administration.


Since the pandemic began, the government along with the Premier League guidelines demanded that all clubs start to use digital tickets as a way of ensuring that clubs know who is in the stadium(s) and to make tickets contactless. This ultimately led to the plans of NFC being rolled out in general admission being accelerated.


The purpose of utilising NFC is to make sure that accessing Anfield is quicker and easier by removing paper tickets. This also makes it so that there will be less physical contact to keep people safe we live during the COVID-19 pandemic and we know who is in the stadium - ideal for track and trace.


How to install NFC on your phones?

All of your paper tickets, season tickets or even membership cards can be accessed via your mobile phone. The NFC stores your tickets on your phone as a digital pass. For instance, on your iPhone, it will display in your Wallet.

In order to purchase tickets, you will need to use either Apple Pay or Google Pay, depending on the device you have.

In order to access your NFC passes, you will need to log into your account by accessing the account section at Once you have logged in, go to the season ticket or membership tab and tick the check box. This can be found next to your ticket details.

This will then allow you to download the NFC pass - you will know this as the button will now be clickable. This means that all future games you purchase will automatically be activated and added as an NFC pass.

If you require multiple tickets as you are taking a family etc, you can add multiple NFC passes to your account. To do this, you will need to follow the above process for the number of tickets that you will need.

How to download the NFC on my phone?


In order to access your NFC pass on your phone, there are steps you will need to follow but depending on your phone - this process may vary.


If you have an iPhone for example, you will simply need to follow the onscreen instructions to add the NFC pass to your wallet.


If you have an Android phone, you will need to make sure that you have the Google Pay app installed. You will need to ensure that you select this as your default payment method.


What do I do now?


Once you have everything installed, you will need to make sure that you have plenty of power on your phone prior to the game starting. This way you do not have to worry about your phone potentially dying as then you will not be able to access the stadium. When you arrive at the stadium you will receive a notification on your phone that says welcome to Anfield. This notification will also show you your NFC pass for the game.


It is important to know, however, that sometimes you may see your bank card first so it is important that you browse the various tabs in your wallet until you see your NFC for the match.


It’s also worth noting that your screen may time out as you have your phone ready to be scanned. Should your screen time out and turn off - do not panic. You will only need to turn your phone back on and reopen your wallet. The NFC will still be there.


Afterwards, head to your designated entry point and scan your phone to get access to your seat. Much in the same way as paying contactless.


And finally - enjoy the game!