The Various Sections Of Anfield Stadium

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Anfield Stadium is known for having one of the best atmospheres in world football. Boasting an incredibly passionate fanbase and the iconic ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ anthem - it’s not hard to see why. Whether you are a frequent goer of Liverpool games or you have wanted to witness the team play live for years and have been unable to, in our latest post, we will be covering the various sections of Anfield Stadium and what makes it such a special place to be a part of.


The Development of Anfield Stadium

Anfield Stadium was constructed in 1884 and has served as homes for both Everton Football Club and Liverpool Club. Due to the large number of fans, the stadium saw its first renovation in 1985 and additional developments in 1903 and 1906 respectively.

Throughout the years, these developments have continued to be undergone, with the latest development taking place most recently in 2021 which will extend the capacity to a whopping 61,015. With this amount of seats available, it may be hard determining which sections of Anfield Stadium will be best suited to view the match, below we will go more in depth regarding the various sections.


The Various Sections of Anfield Stadium:

Anfield Stadium can be broken down into four distinct sections, these being:

  • The Main Stand
  • The Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand
  • The Anfield Road End
  • And the famous The Kop


The Main Stand

The Main Stand at Anfield Stadium is broken into three sections, the lower and upper sections. However, in between these two sections you have the middle section, this is where the hospitality seating is situated. During matchdays, you will be able to see camera operators be located here also as this is where most of the game will be shown on television. This is a fantastic view for fans as you are able to see the full pitch and witness all of the action transpire throughout the 90 minutes.

Additionally, this stand can how house an additional 8,500 seats whilst also featuring the dugout, tunnel and dressing room for players. Often you will see players high-fiving fans as they walk in and out of the tunnel.


The Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand

Opposite the Main Stand lies the Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand. This is the stand that most of the camera operators will be pointing towards during matchdays. Featured in this particular section are the executive boxes, these make for unforgettable memories. With these executive boxes, this stand is able to hold 11,411 fans - a perfect choice if you want to be a part of the ravenous fanbase.


The Anfield Road End

The latest stand to be renovated, the Anfield Road End stands to the left of the stadium as you face the Main Stand. The name is given as facing directly behind the stand lies Anfield Road - where you can visit places such as the newly developed LFC store. Additionally, the Anfield Road End is where a majority of the away supporters go to witness the action transpire.


The Kop

The Kop is the most famous stand throughout Anfield Stadium. It’s a roofed single tier facing the Anfield Road End. This currently houses 12,930 fans and mainly serves as the most die-hard of Liverpool fans. Currently, you find Liverpool opting to play their second halves facing the Kop end as this draws the most energy. It’s here where you will hear the elevated volume of the iconic ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ anthem as the stadium erupts into the song.


The Impact Of Anfield Stadium

Anfield Stadium under the floodlights is something extremely special as some of the most memorable moments has happened here. The more recent years has seen an incredible Europa League fixture against Borussia Dortmund - culminating in a Dejan Lovren header in front of the Kop to see the Reds progress to the final.

Although, the most memorable moment has to be the Champions League second-leg clash against Barcelona. Coming into the second leg, the reds found themselves 3-0 down, and in order to progress they would need to score four goals without conceding.

During the first half, Liverpool were attacking the Anfield Road End, leading them to acquire a goal by Origi following a blocked shot by Jordan Henderson. Going into the second half, the work was cut out for Liverpool as they needed to obtain another three goals without conceding. Fortunately, they were attacking The Kop end and harnessing the new mantra of ‘Never Give Up.

Alas, following a substitute of Wjinaldum for an injured Andrew Robertson - Wjinaldum was able to score a brace - equaling the scoreline to 3-3. What transpired after the equaliser has gone down in Liverpool as the ball went out for a corner kick.

Fellow Scouser, Trent Alexander-Arnold stepped over the ball and went to walk away to let Shaqiri take the kick himself. Upon closer inspection, Alexander-Arnold spotted all of the defending Barcelona players idling and not paying attention, allowing him to take a quick corner and finding the feet to Divock Origi was able to secure a brace. This without a doubt has been one of, if not the greatest night at Anfield Stadium.


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